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Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals Manchester

September 18, 2019 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals Manchester

Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals – There is good clinical evidence that Medical Cannabis may be of benefit in Chronic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Nausea in Cancer Related Chemotherapy & Drug-Resistant Epilepsy. Come along to find out and hear the latest information about eligibility and ease of access to patients, research, trends and so much more. Experts, Prescribers and Current Patients will present and will be available to take questions.

Come along to find out and hear the latest information about eligibility and ease of access to patients, research, trends and so much more. Experts, Prescribers and Current Patients will present and will be available to take questions.

Speakers to include:

Dr. Julia Piper – General Practitioner and Director of Medical Choices UK

Julia has worked as a GP for 34 years and is the Founder and CEO of Privategp.com Ltd. She is a lecturer in Biological Systems Medicine and is passionate about helping patients with complex medical problems. This passion has been driven by her lifelong quest to help her son’s schizophrenia, where together, they have turned his life around. Her own Charity has contributed towards the building of a school and clinic in Africa. She is passionate about alleviating human suffering and her interest in cannabis comes from this as she began to read about cannabis and understand how it can help.

Julia is a Fellow of the Royal College of GPs and is the UK Ambassador for the Metabolic Medical Institute in America and A4M. She has helped to align the Functional Medical Fellowship of A4M with the RCGP. She Is a committee member on the British Society of Ecological Medicine, helping to facilitate the training of doctors in Functional Medicine.

She has previously worked with the Independent Doctors Federation Council in London as a Council Member; IT Chairman, subsequently Chairman of their Professional Development committee and was a Trustee for their Education Trust. www.privategp.com

Dr. Elizabeth Iveson – Specialist

Liz is a Stroke Consultant working within the NHS and Private sector. She was appointed as a Consultant Stroke (all ages) and Elderly Care Physician at York Hospital in November 2006. Dr. Iveson is the Lead Consultant for Woodlands Neurological Rehabilitation Unit in York and the Elderly Medicine Lead for the York Integrated Complex Care Team. Dr. Iveson has worked within the NHS for over 20 years and is very experienced in the management of all areas of Stroke medicine. She is a Neurological Complex Care Consultant at Medical Cannabis Clinics www.themedicalcannabisclinics.com

Paul Mavor – Pharmacist

Paul is a registered UK pharmacist. His company Health House was granted the first medicinal cannabis import license in Australia and he is currently distributing medicinal cannabis products to eligible patients. Over the last 30 years, he has owned several retail pharmacies and worked both in Australia and the UK. In the last 4 years, he has focussed on researching medicinal cannabis and has been to conferences, grow and manufacturing facilities and spoken to patients and prescribers in Australia, USA, Canada, Israel, and South America. www.www.healthhouse.uk

Dr. David McDowell – Pain Specialist

David is an independent pain specialist at Medical Cannabis Clinic in Manchester David made history in December 2018 when he issued the first UK prescription for medical cannabis. He is a member of the British Medical Association, The Pain Society, The Northwest Pain Group and The Faculty of Pain Medicine in the Royal College of Anaesthetists. www.themedicalcannabisclinics.com

Rich Whitworth – Content Director, The Cannabis Scientist

Richard completed his studies in medical biochemistry in 1998. He is the content director for Texere Publishing and their scientific journal portfolio. In 2016, he spearheaded the launch of The Cannabis Scientist in response to a clear need for unbiased, science-driven content in an exploding cannabis industry replete with myth and hype. Initially hatching as a companion to The Analytical Scientist, a respected publication in a discipline of scientific rigor, The Cannabis Scientist recently fledged the nest allowing it to deliver high-quality content to a growing and increasingly inquisitive community.www.thecannabisscientist.com

Carly Barton – Patient Advocate

Carly is a UK medical cannabis patient who received the first legal prescription. Carly who is a former university lecturer lives with chronic pain. She was previously been prescribed — morphine and fentanyl — left her feeling “zombie”. www.upalliance.org/team/seniorleadership/carly

Jason Jordan – Patient Advocate

Jason was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 3 years ago. He was deteriorating fast and had reached the point of being unable to walk without aid. Short-term memory loss, balance issues, numbness, double-vision, insomnia, cognition impairment, anomic aphasia, peripheral & trigeminal neuralgia all became part of daily life because conventional medicines did very little to help. Medical Cannabis has changed his life.

Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals Manchester

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