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CannaList EU offers this European Cannabis Calendar as a resource to help make connections between startups, investors, and innovators.

Our goal is to bring together startups and innovation professionals to learn about cutting-edge innovations and foster dynamic conversation addressing how Cannabis is transforming Europe.


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  • Canna Expo – The purpose of the event is to inform the public about all the products and innovations that exist in the world of Cannabis and the latest achievements in the medical and industrial use of Cannabis. Come to get to know all the innovative companies that are active in the cannabis sector with many different products and services such as CBD (Cannabidiol), cosmetics, cocktails, seeds, medical, vaporizers, clothing and many more. Athens, Greece; Jan 10-12, 2020
  • CannaTech – CannaTech Davos 2020 will highlight the economic role of Cannabis in the future of healthcare, international trade and investment, and environmental and resource security. This is an exclusive opportunity to expand your international footprint and position your company amongst the most influential brands in the cannabis ecosystem. Davos, Switzerland; Jan 20-24, 2020
  • Cannabis Conclave  – a unique opportunity for global investors and policymakers to network and discuss insights with the world’s foremost leaders in the cannabis space. Attendees will be joined by a select number of investors and representatives from other industries, as well as business journalists, regulators, and lawmakers from around the world. Davos, Switzerland; Jan 23, 2020
  • FUTURE CANNABIS STRATEGIES EUROPE 2020 – Future Cannabis Strategies brings together business leaders from across the wider European Consumer-Facing Cannabis products category for two days of insight, discussion, and debate into how cannabis product manufacturers can understand. London, UK; Jan 29-30, 2020


  • Cannabis Europa – In Spring 2020, Cannabis Europa heads to Spain, one of the largest cannabis markets in Europe yet to legalize medical Cannabis. Our conference in Madrid will focus on federal roadblocks to legislation and how Spain can profit from its esteemed research and innovation sectors and help shape the future of the European cannabis market. Madrid, Spain; Feb 10, 2020
  • CannX 2020, Lisbon – The International Medical Cannabis Conference. Europe is poised for change with a recent flurry of activity around medical cannabis reform and legislation. Now is the time, and CannX is the place to explore the latest science, cutting-edge technology, and investment opportunities in medical Cannabis. Join us for a lively exchange of knowledge and professional expertise essential to thrive in this rapidly growing field. Lisbon, Portugal; Feb 12-13, 2020
  • The Cannabis Society Executive Business Conference – We are dedicated to fostering the cannabis community through events, conferences, dinners, & many more. Join us for a unique deal-making session and to hear from industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers on what is to come in this emerging industry. Berlin, Germany; Feb 13, 2020
  • The Cannabis Society Medical Conference – Join us and hear presentations and panels from industry experts discussing the current state of medical cannabis science, cannabis application, laws, and market trends within the European Union and abroad. London, Feb 17, 2020
  • Hemp and CBD Expo – The UK’s First 100% Dedicated Hemp & CBD Tradeshow. We aim to provide a professional environment for both exhibitors and visitors (both trade B2B and B2C) for what will be the first dedicated Hemp and CBD event in the UK. Birmingham, UK; Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2020


  • Europe Canna Expo – London Canna Group, hosts several networking events each year in the UK and Europe, our largest event being ECE London at London Excel, which attracts thousands of visitors. We aim to connect the cannabis industry and create a discussion for a legal framework that works to help push for better access for patients and consumers. Dublin, Ireland; Mar 3-4, 2020
  • iCBD3: International Cannabinoid-Based Drug Discovery and Development – International Cannabinoid-Based Drug Discovery and Development Congress. Pharmaceutical and biotech development of cannabinoid-based drugs has recently become a highly active and fertile ground for the generation of a new class of regulated therapeutics. The combination of advancements in our understanding of the underlying biology of the endocannabinoid system, with the production of natural and synthetic cannabinoid products, is now being shown to have myriad therapeutic value for unmet medical conditions. The inaugural International Cannabinoid-Based Drug Discovery and Development (iCBD3) Congress, co-located with the 8th Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress, March 4-5 in Rotterdam, Netherlands will explore an array of drug targets, therapies, manufacturing processes, regulatory frameworks, clinical studies and market opportunities for cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals. Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Mar 4-5, 2020
  • Hemp and CBD Expo – The UK’s First 100% Dedicated Hemp & CBD Tradeshow. We aim to provide a professional environment for both exhibitors and visitors (both trade B2B and B2C) for what will be the first dedicated Hemp and CBD event in the UK. Birmingham, UK; Mar 5-6, 2021
  • European Capital Assembly – The European Capital Assembly is an informative conference with speakers from all facets of the CBD, medical, and wellbeing industries. London, UK; Mar 11, 2020
  • Canceled – International Cannabis Business Conference Barcelona – With a vibrant cannabis scene and progressive culture, we are pleased to make Barcelona, Spain, our second ever European conference after two historical events in Berlin. Joining forces with Spannabis, we have made an epic, super-conference that you will not want to miss. Barcelona has created a cannabis club scene that has no rival, and we are looking forward to bringing our trademark blend of cannabis business, political, and cultural programming to this Spanish jewel. Join us, as the ICBC and Spannabis have created a cannabis B2B event unlike any other, a conference that will attract top investors and entrepreneurs from across Spain, Europe, and the world. Barcelona, Spain
  • Spannabis – Spannabis XVII Edition Spannabis is the reference trade show for the cannabis sector worldwide. Seventeen years of culture, innovation, and Cannabis industry, hand in hand with the most outstanding brands of the moment. All the information on Spannabis 2020. Place, how to get there, dates and times, prices, gallery, videos. Barcelona, Spain; postponed until Sept 11-13, 2020
  • CBD Global Summit – a brand new two-day conference that brings together cutting edge science, regulatory know-how, and consumer insight to explore the CBD opportunity. London, UK; CBD Global Summit 2020 has been postponed
  • The Cannabis Private Investment Summit London – The Cannabis Private Investment Summits were launched in 2015 as the very first conferences exclusively for family offices in the cannabis industry.  Since then, the summits have evolved as the premier highly curated summits for institutional investors, family offices, and ultra-high-net-worth investors. The summits provide a highly tailored, unique, and intimate conference experience that brings an optimal deal flow to its audience of investors and entrepreneurs. London, UK; postponed to Jun 9, 2020
  • 9th International Hemp Building SymposiumThe 9th International Hemp Building Symposium will be held in the heart of the North Yorkshire countryside, Hornington Manor is a unique venue. The Grade II listed Manor was built in 1770 and has been lovingly restored to provide luxury self-catering accommodation, which is the perfect setting for our next Symposium. It is also the site of the Harrison Spinks farm, which provides Hemp fiber for top quality mattresses. This is the largest global gathering of hemp building experts. The two-day event will consist of international speakers with the latest research results and material tests. There will also be presentations from people working in the industry about projects they are involved in, both planned or completed. This year’s Symposium will also feature an extra day on Apr 2, featuring a range of Hempcrete spraying technologies. Hornington Manor, Bolton Percy, York, UK; postponed to Sept 15-17, 2020


  • International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin – A cannabis industry revolution is sweeping Europe, and Germany is at the center of it all. If you are serious about succeeding in the cannabis industry, join us at our flagship program in Berlin in April. Over 2,500 leading cannabis entrepreneurs and policymakers from around the globe will be in attendance. The networking and educational opportunities will be unparalleled. Berlin, Germany; postponed from early April to TBA
  • InterCannAlliance Europe Symposium – Europe’s premier hemp and cannabis gathering, The InterCannAlliance (ICA) Europe Symposium will be held in Berlin, Germany, serving the emerging European hemp and legal cannabis markets. Berlin, Germany; postponed from early April to Jul 30.
  • 4.20 HEMP FEST has become the first International Cannabis Expo of Milan, Italy’s most important market within the industry. A three-day festival dedicated to Hemp and its world, but also information, music, culture, hemp food, to give awareness on the Cannabis world and the sustainable uses of this plant. Milan, Italy; postponed from early April to Oct 2-4.
  • Expogrow Cannabis Fair – During the last seven editions, EXPOGROW has been consolidated as “Much more than a Cannabis Fair» and now wants to go further. The last weekend of April of 2020 will become the “BIG CANNABIS PARTY” that you can not miss. Irun, Spain; TBA
  • IndicasativaIndicasativa is the first Italian trade show devoted to the hemp world in all its many facets. A catalog of exhibitors that collects the most important European and worldwide producers, a high attendance of professionals, a great and even increasing success of public, and a wealth of events (inside and at the edge of the fair) make this trade the most important showcase in Italy. Bologna, Italy; postponed until Sept 25-27, 2020
  • 420 – HEMPSTOCK  – 420 HEMPSTOCK Scotland will see the cannabis community bloom for one day -once again- for the 8th year running. In 2012, the cannabis movement re-ignited, with United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs and NORML forming to begin the task of raising awareness and promoting sensible cannabis policy for community self-regulation. Glasgow UK; Apr 20, 2020
  • Hanfexpo 2020 – International Hemp & CBD Expo in the MARX HALLE, located in the center of Vienna. The HANFEXPO 2020 is already taking place for the second time from 24th to Apr 26 in the heart of Europe at the MARX HALLE in Vienna. On 13,000 m², 180 national and international exhibitors will present their products to around 8,000 visitors over three days. All companies from the cannabis industry will be offered the best possible platform to show products and innovations and the variety of uses for hemp. The HANFEXPO combines trade fair, lectures and workshops under one roof and is a meeting point for hemp enthusiasts, interested visitors as well as investors and young entrepreneurs. Discussed topics at the HANFEXPO symposium includes Cannabis growing, laws, medicine, clothes, cosmetics, food, material, and many other exciting things. Vienna, Austria; Apr 24-26, 2020
  • Hempsfair – The Hempsfair in Frankfurt a.M. provides interested parties innovations and product highlights relating to hemp on more than 7000sqm. Frankfurt, Germany; April 25-26, 2020


  • The CBD Show – 3 full days CBD event in London, Europe. Hear inspiring talks, find the best products, and meet the best people in Europe to further your knowledge in the industry. For instance, whatever you are looking to achieve can be found at the event. Learn from the experts and buy from the best. London, UK; May 1-3, 2020
  • MJBizDaily’s European Cannabis Symposium – MJBizDaily’s European Cannabis Symposium gathers leaders in the business, research, and legislation of Europe’s medical marijuana and hemp market for an intensive one-day event in Copenhagen, Denmark. Marijuana and hemp professionals will get an overview of industry structures and standards as well as insight into emerging investment and business opportunities. Copenhagen, Denmark; May 4-5, 2020
  • Cannabis Business France – The Most Important Event on the Development of the Cannabis and Hemp Market in France. The world’s leading hemp and medical cannabis professionals will gather in Paris for the second annual edition of Cannabis Business France 2020. This unique exchange platform aims to bring together the key business leaders to discuss the latest developments of France’s hemp and medical cannabis markets. Paris, France; May 4-5, 2020 (alternative dates are 8 and 9 September 2020 in case a postponement of the event is required due to COVID-19)
  • European Cannabis Symposium – the perfect opportunity to spend two in-depth days learning how to navigate EU cannabis market regulations and GMP. You’ll gain a better understanding of the future of Cannabis while making the kind of networking connections to get you there. Copenhagen, Denmark; May 4-5, 2020
  • Leafly’s European Medical Cannabis Conference – For the first time, Leafly, the world’s cannabis information resource, is bringing together international participants and exhibitors at a conference for medical professionals in Europe.  Berlin, Germany; May 8-9, 2020
  • International Cannabis Business Conference Bern – Once again, the International Cannabis Business Conference is teaming up with CannaTrade to form a super-conference that will provide unparalleled educational and networking opportunities. CannaTrade is Europe’s oldest cannabis fair, which, combined with the International Cannabis Business Conference, is the perfect place for entrepreneurs and policymakers of all backgrounds to learn about the latest trends in the cannabis industry. Bern, Switzerland; May 13-14, 2020
  • CannaTrade – CannaTrade, the oldest hemp fair in Europe! In 1999 the first Swiss Hemp Days took place in Ittigen (Bern), in the following year, the hemp days were presented in Biberist CH. The history of CannaTrade started in 2001, in the fair halls of BEA Expo Bern, as a result of these Swiss Hemp Days. The editions of CannaTrade in 2008 – 2010 were presented in the exhibition halls of Basel. Until 2016, we organized the fair in a two-years-rhythm at Stadthalle Dietikon/Zurich. The turn of political events, especially in the USA, raises hope again for a soon (?!) ending of the repression and thereby a new chance for CannaTrade to bloom like in “good old times.” Bern, Switzerland; May 15-17, 2020
  • Canadian Cannabis Capital Markets ConferenceWomen, CBD & Medical Cannabis North America’s largest medical cannabis growers are convening in London to showcase the refreshing commitment to gender equality and pay parity in this booming, highly-paid industry. Medical Cannabis became legal in the UK in November 2018. London, UK; TBA
  • Britain’s cannabis revolution: understanding the impact – The UK is now the biggest exporter of medical marijuana in the world. Investors, patients, and politicians are all caught up in the so-called ‘green rush’ – but what is the truth behind the hype? London, UK; TBA
  • Medical Cannabis – Med-Cannabis2019 follows the success of the first Congress held in Vienna and will continue to address the many controversies surrounding cannabis-based medicines. Strong public and patient demand have led to the decision to allow cannabis products for medical use in most European countries. There is a lot of basic science and clinical research on the potential use of cannabis products for chronic pain and cancer management, as well as controversies on the potential harms. TBA
  • Kanaba Fest – Exhibitors, friends, partners – thank you for participating in 4 edition of Kanaba Fair. Most of all, thank you for trust: in us – as organizers, in Poland – for seeing it as a market with high potential, in new quality – the synergies of lifestyle, culinary, and cannabis events. Without you, there would be no us.  Krakow, Poland; May 30-31, 2020
  • The Cannabis Private Investment Summit London – The Cannabis Private Investment Summits were launched in 2015 as the very first conferences exclusively for family offices in the cannabis industry.  Since then, the summits have evolved as the premier highly curated summits for institutional investors, family offices, and ultra-high-net-worth investors. The summits provide a highly tailored, unique, and intimate conference experience that brings an optimal deal flow to its audience of investors and entrepreneurs. London, UK; Jun 9, 2020
  • Central Europe Cannabis Forum – Planting New Seeds: Growing The European Cannabis Ecosystem – Held in the heart of Poland, in Warsaw, we are gathering thought leaders, medical practitioners, established industry names and up and coming startups to lead the first-of-its-kind conference in Poland. Warsaw, Poland, Virtual Conference – Jun 9-10, 2020
  • Medicinal Cannabis Congress 2020 – Doctors, pharmacists, practitioners, scientists, lawyers, representatives of associations, and industry will meet at the CME relevant congress on Cannabis in medical care and therapy. The varied program guarantees a scientifically demanding and result-oriented specialist event. During the three days of the event, you will have in-depth access to practical application examples, clinical results, and an overview of the legal, ethical, and actual circumstances surrounding the prescription of innovative therapeutics. The Medicinal Cannabis Congress 2020 will be rounded off by a separate industry exhibition for trade visitors, where companies will present their latest research and production results. Berlin, Germany; Jun 12-14, 2020
  • Cannabis Trade Association CTA EU Conference –  It was a great space for networking and B2B, with non-members meeting members and connecting. We are happy to open our doors to non-members because we think that by spreading the word beyond our members is a good thing. Nearly 300 delegates attended, with both European and International visitors able to meet with their British counterparts and business colleagues. Not only is compliance to association standards important, but there are also further issues with the legality of certain products, and it’s this understanding that we hope to communicate to our delegates, throughout the event, in workshops, discussions, and presentations from our chosen speakers. Birmingham, UK; TBA
  • Mary Jane Berlin – GERMANY’S BIGGEST CANNABIS EXPO IS STARTING IN BERLIN! After more than 12 years, it returns to Germany – with over 3,000 m2 of hall space and 2,500 m2 of outdoor space is” Mary Jane Berlin,” the biggest German Cannabis exhibition with more than 100 national and international exhibitors. “Mary Jane Berlin” is not only an exhibition but also a festival. In combination with our exhibitors, food stalls, live concerts, and lectures about cannabis’ therapeutic effects, an extensive cultural and entertainment program are offered. As a visitor of Mary Jane Berlin, we inform you about the variety of THE green power plant – like food, cosmetics, building material, medicine, and much more! Berlin, Germany; Postponed to Sept 4-, 2020
  • European Cannabis WeekThis unique week-long event will feature political, science, health, investment, cultural and networking events, all focused on Cannabis. London, UK, June 2021
  • Cannabis Europa: London June 2020Cannabis Europa London, our European flagship event, brings together over 1200 European experts from the worlds of politics, business, science, and culture. Cannabis Europa London is back in June 2020 with a two-day program of exciting and innovative discussions from the world’s leading cannabis experts. Key stakeholders and operators will provide the latest news, data, and insights from the emerging European industry, addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by this unique market. Join our stakeholders, innovators, policymakers, and advocates to find out how these exciting changes will affect the European and international cannabis markets. London, UK; Virtual Conference – June 22-23, 2020
  • IC3 Europe – IC3 Europe will provide a meeting place for investors looking to learn more about the opportunities in the cannabis industry. London, UK; Cancelled
  • entOURage – Women IN Cannabis Workshop – entOURage Network is a platform and network for women to engage and explore collaboration in the legal cannabis market, with a particular focus in Europe. Women investors and entrepreneurs and female-focused companies and funds will come together for an investment workshop. London, UK; TBA
  • CANNATECH TEL AVIV 2020 – CannaTech is a global cannabis event widely recognized as the industry’s premier experience for education, networking, and access to global cannabis deal flow. In emerging markets around the world, CannaTech attendees and sponsors gather together to drive the cannabis industry’s growth.  CannaTech Tel Aviv 2020 will showcase researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, patients, and influencers from every part of the industry and every corner of the globe. The days are fueled by dynamic, original content looking at scientific research, markets, and finance, agricultural innovation, regulatory, and government policy. At the same time, the nights are filled with sponsor parties, special events, and good times. Tel Aviv, Isreal; June 15-16, 2020
  • EUROPE Canna EXPO LONDON – ECE (Europe Canna Expo) is Europe’s premier event series dedicated to Cannabinoids and Medical Cannabis. The events attract an international audience of senior representatives from industry, government, clinicians, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, press, and consumers who are looking to learn more about the latest developments in this rapidly expanding field. London, UK; Jun 26-27, 2020

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